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The setting is rural Serbia. Every year 200,000 people invade the sleepy village of Guca for a week of music, drinking, dancing, and utter madness - all to the sound of Serbian/Roma gypsy trumpet bands, competing against one another like wild-eyed Mexicans in a stand off.

The film centres around the ambitions of two young trumpet players in their quest to win the coveted 'Golden Trumpet'.

If you enjoyed the opening scenes of the 1992 Cannes film festival winner 'Underground', then you will love this documentary.

Guca - Serbia's most famous provincial music festival - is finally brought to life in this brilliantly executed film.

But the real magic lies in the host of eccentric and entertaining characters who appear throughout: bellydancers, comic barbers and the godfather of Balkan music himself, Boban Markovic.